Today was the most amazing perfect day ever. So if you dont know I was the Keds perfect pairs week 1 winner. So today the other winners and I went to the Americana at Brand and got to watch Taylor’s Keds style interview. We got to sit front row it was awesome. The best part was when a bee attacked Taylor. She yelled at it “NO STOP NO.” It was a really great interview. She is soon pretty and soo funny in real life. While Taylor was talking I thought she was staring right at me. We made eye contact. (Which totally makes sense later..)

So after the event we walked down to Nordstrom and (after a LOT of confusion) we got in line to meet Taylor. I was the first person to go back (along with my mom). When I walked around the corner Taylor said “HEY BUDDY!” And gave me a hug. The she was like I saw your picture on Instagram. And I said oh yeah you called me pretty it was awesome! But she was like no this other one (which was just a selfie I took that said see you in la Tay) and that was the one she was talking about. And then she said your names Liz right? So then we took a picture and she loved what I was wearing and picked up my necklace and was like “woah this is so cool what are these it’s like the galaxy” so then I hugged her again and it was over.

So after freaking out and tearing up a bit I posted on Instagram a selfie and said ” my face right now I love you so much ” and Taylor was the first person to like it! We are Instagram bffs now!!

Overall it was an AMAZING day. I am so thankful to Keds and Teen Vogue for the opportunity. And for Taylor, of course. I seriously can’t believe that I got to meet her and she knew who I was.
Pictures later!

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